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So what is a kite-sailer ..?

A "Kite-sailer" is a vessel, a ship or boat especially  designed / equipped with a kite for specified sailing characteristics and advantages  of a modern traction kite for propulsion.

In other words - instead of fix attaching the kite to a pre-excisting hull / boat / catameran / trimaran,  we design the boat hull to serve the kite in its most effective ( active) manner - since the kite is the force behind the kite-sailer.

The kite-sailer will allow to fly the kite actively, and that dynamic movement increases the apparent wind seen by the kite hence increasing the power.

The Kite-Sailer is the introduction of a new water sport on our beaches, a combination of the thrills of kite surfing and the pleasures of sailing.

Come join the adventure and be a part of the journey. Share your comments, ideas and come along for the ride.




A kite-sailer powered by a modern traction kite has three major advantages when it comes to sailing faster under the same windcoditions compared to a conventional sail boat:

1.) The pull of the kite can be connected lower on a craft / boat / sailer making it possible to resist some three times larger force than when it is applied at the CoG of a sail.

2.) The counter force ( righting moment ) of a heavy keel, long crossbeam and Ama or second hull can be reduced which results in a lighter vessel which can accelerate quicker.
      The lower attachemnt point allowes a three times larger driving force - resulting in a much higher speed, maybe plus 40% if we are optimistic under the same windconditions and hull length.

3.) As wind speed (usually) increases with the height over the surface ,sailing with a traction kite gives an advantage compared to the sails closer to the surface.
     Over water the wind speed is typically 30 % larger at 100 feet or 30 meter over the surface compared to the low proximity of the CoG of a sail - Wind speed increase is in the order of 10 % per 10 Meter / 30 feet.

Outlines for the kite-sailer :


The kite-sailer consist of  3 main components :

  • The "Kite controller" and kite control bar  forward of the CoG       

  • Main hull with maximum  lateral resistance and low hull weight for optimum performance

  • The floats/Ama  or stabilizer - which serve only the purpose of counterbalance ( kind of like training wheels on a kid's bike ) and should be at rest out of the water and only submerge if the kite generates a too high force due to a wind gust

Overall the kite-sailer will be a hybrid between a Trimaran like the Condor40 and a Hawaiian sailing canoe   to achieve maximum speed and a minimum frontal resistance on a given  wetted surface.

A new idea ...? Not really - take a look at :

George Pocock (inventor)

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Follow us into the discussion of : "Kite power for boats - boats powerd by kites"


From dreams to the dimensions -

Since 2005 were are playing with the idea of a kite-sailer - intrigued by the forces of the kites - lured by the safety development of modern traction kites - just often held back by a growing family and the resulting responsibilities.
With the economic downturn in 2008 some workload was "taken of our shoulders" and as our kids grew we changed from changing diapers to PFD's ... and were back on the water.
The initial requirement of a small  craft chnaged to a family sized craft which can serve as a weekend sailer.
As such the outlines were set for a 32' main hull and developed into blueprints for the Kite-sailer KS-32F, our prototype vessel.

Overall dimensions Kite-sailer KS-32F

Length overall / Main hull

32 feet / 9.6 Meter

Ama Length overall

22 feet / 6.6 Meter

Vessel width overall

18 feet / 5.4 Meter

Main hull max width

4 feet in cockpit area / 1.2 Meter in cockpit area

Main hull max width at WL

3 feet / 1 Meter

Ama max. width

2.5 feet / 0.75 Meter

KS-32F during construction
Kite-sailer KS 32 during construction - the family kiteboat of the future

KS-32F Components

Kite Control Bar / Kite Controller

The kite control bar shall allow the kite controller to actively fly the kite for a longer period of time with minimum fatigue.

In kite surfing / kite boarding the steering bar is moved in an up and down motion to power or depower the kite by the surfer while the power lines are attached to the harness via chicken loop. 

Where as our kite control bar will direct the forces of the power lines to the hull while the steering lines will be 90 degree redirected to the controller which has a "boxing" motion on the steering lines.

All components used are marine grade stainless steel and can handle the loads of modern traction kites.

The common safety features of modern traction kite bars will be implemented to ensure a safe environment for the kite controller of the kite sailer.

Follow us into the workshop to see some details ...


Kite control bar for kite boating , kite sailer

Stabilizer / Floats / Ama

The stabilizer / floats or Amas are secondary components  of the kite sailing boat and serve only to counterbalance the forces of the kite or the impact of the waves on the kite sailer.

The Amas should not be submerged when at rest.

The Amas need to be light weight and have low frontal and side resistance to wind and waves .

Their main stress areas are the keel section and the crossbeam connections.

Attachment to the main hull shall be in a flexible manner to adjust their height and angle in relation to the main hull for easy adjustment to changes in payload and sea conditions.

Easy disassemble from the main hull shall help in loading or unloading the kite sailing boat from a trailer and for water-launch.

The geometrical shape of sea plane floats is the most appealing shape for us and would allow a simple stitch and glue construction.

Follow us into the workshop to see some details ...

Kite sailer ama / float / stabilizer , kite-boat

Kite-Sailer Main Hull

The main boat hull of the kite sailer is designed to serve as counterbalance and provide lateral resistance for the forces of the kite. A safe working environment for the kite controller and helms man along with an open cockpit area to take friends / family with you.

As we design this boat hull from scratch and only for the purpose of a kite sailing boat - it gives us the freedom to concentrate on the most important aspects :

A sleek long narrow hull in composite construction with a ratio of 1:10 ( 1' width for 10' length at the waterline ) .

A designated space for the person who is the kite controller to sit in comfort and control the kite for active flight .

Designated area for the helmsman to keep an eye on the instruments ( water depth/ wind speed / GPS ) and the waves.

And a cockpit to take some of your friends/family with you for the ride .

Follow us into the workshop to see some details ...

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